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Check out your favourite fragrance and the story behind it.


Field Kit soy candles are made from 100% North American Soy wax, cotton wicks and perfume-grade fragrance oils. 

We believe in minimal packaging. You won't find unnecessary boxes or plastic here! Just a beautifully made candle. 

Travel tin candles are perfect for throwing in your suitcase. Sometimes hotel rooms can smell a little shady. Fix that by burning a Field Kit candle. 

Typical bar soaps have sharp corners. Your hands don't like that.

A curvaceous soap fits in your hand naturally and makes the whole bathing experience so much better. 

They're also fun to play with. 

So you're going on a trip for a few days and you want to take your favourite soap with you. You have the option to pack an entire bar soap, but you know it'll just get messy in your suitcase. Problem solved! Break off a few pieces of travel soap and take those with you instead!

Also fun to play with, but please don't eat them. 


Field Kit is a home and travel goods brand founded in 2015 by Jemma Rethman. Born out of humble beginnings in a basement studio in Halifax, it all started with the desire to create a uniquely scented, minimally packaged, natural candle. Since the start, Field Kit has been focused on sustainable design and high quality materials and has applied this to all new product development. Field Kit’s purpose is to reimagine everyday objects so that they strike a balance between being thoughtful and practical, minimal and impactful in design.  


While the core of Field Kit remains its line of natural soy candles, Jemma revels in experimentation and creativity. As Field Kit evolves it becomes even more of a reflection of who she is, what she loves and cares about. Jemma has come to realize the importance of the “modern heirloom” that unifies design and functionality, and stands the test of time. Field Kit believes that beauty and utility can be found in everyday objects and that this combination is found when goods are crafted simply and with purpose.


Field Kit can help you craft the perfect scent. Whether it's for your wedding, special event or business, Field Kit can work with you on a unique scent and custom label to make a lasting memento of your special day.

If you'd like to discuss making a custom candle or would like to sell Field Kit goods, please get in touch!